Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On Resolutions...

I'm not really one for really a ton of resolutions, but I've been thinking about how life can get stagnant.  I've been meandering through work, church, friendships, relationships for the last couple years since moving to LA, and I don't want to get too comfortable (which is really, really easy to do when you work at home in sweats every day).
A few things I'd like to do this year, upward and onward with life:

1) Keep up friendships through phone calls and video calls, not texting and Facebook.  My goal is to connect with someone each week that I haven't spoken with in awhile. Don't be surprised if I call you out of the blue.
2) I should take organ lessons.  I heard some stellar organ performances over the Christmas season, and it's just a cool instrument.  I wish I could unlock the magic.  I could, if I took a few lessons.
3) I saw this idea on another blog, but when nice/good/pleasant things happen, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it in a jar.  Read all of those things at the end of the year for a nice recap.
4) Take a French class.  Or some class.  I kind of miss school.
5) Keep up with scripture study, especially since I'll probably be speaking in church more frequently. I should prepare!

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