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Super Busy Week

I'll be back sometime....once this is over!

Disney December and other stuff

I kicked off December with a handful of holiday parties - one at this guy's house. Is it tacky that I took a photo?  He made a brief appearance to help open or close at door that was stuck.
Lovely evening with some lovely ladies.
I left early to head somewhere else, and now I can't remember.

A Monday night at the Viper Room with Ryan Darton.

Quick bite at 800 degrees, followed by a second Toy Bombs show in Santa Monica. I like Mondays like that.

Disneyland helps me get into the Christmas spirit. I entered a lottery for annual passholders to get seats at one of their Candlelight Processionals. It's a musical program with a guest narrator each evening that reads the Christmas story from the Bible. I'd heard it was great, and I feel lucky that I got seats. I took 3 friends (all of whom had to have annual passes) and we had a nice evening.

Our guest reader - Kurt Russell.

We got off Big Thunder right as fireworks went off.  So nice.

Lucky for me, Taylor and Courtney were a…

Another Utah Thanksgiving

It's been years since I spent Thanksgiving with my parents (sorry, mom and dad!) and this year was no exception. Off to Utah I went again, ready for a traditional Thanksgiving feast, since I really missed all that stuffing and green bean casserole last year.

I had an early start.

Adam picked me up at the airport and we spent the day together.  Quick work email check at his house, nap, then off to lunch at good friend Niki's restaurant that opened.  Last time I saw the place, there were holes in the ceiling and bums living out front. It's open for business now!
Niki preserved some of the original wallpaper from the 1920s, when this building was a chicken rotisserie.

Funky seating - Niki and Mike designed it!  She also designed the wood panel along the wall.

Nice thing about knowing the owners - you get to sample all their fresh sodas.  Raspberry hibiscus, cream soda (which I don't even really like, but this was good!), bitter lemon, and ginger ale.  I ordered the raspb…