Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Birthday Month in LA

I'd heard that my childhood neighbor, Patricia, was living in LA and had opened a chocolate shop called Chocovivo. Marcello and I decided to pay a visit. LA friends - definitely go check this out! Bean to bar chocolate, with bars and spreads and wonderful hot and cold drinks. The frozen hot chocolate with homemade ice cream is divine on hot days!

I hadn't seen Patricia in more than 20 years, and she was busy when I walked in. I waited around checking out the shop and finally said hello. It was so nice to see a familiar face and we had a wonderful time catching up. Our two younger brothers got into a lot of mischief together back in the day!

Marcello and I headed out to Andrew and Michelle's place to celebrate Andrew's birthday. He got a rad R2D2 cake.

They have a sweet pup, Buddy.

I hit up the Anticon Records Anniversay showcase at the Echo and Echoplex. Daedelus was great, but blurry.

And I'd really wanted to see Baths, though I'll say I didn't love the live show.

Marcello and I checked out the photo booth. I think the world needs more of those.

I had a super Tuesday where I got some Ink Sack and some Georgetown Cupcakes and I saw St Lucia.

The Jose Andres sandwich - divine.

 Everyone knew every word and we were packed in like sardines and danced the night away. Really fun show.

Mike and I spent an evening at Disneyland and California Adventure.

We had a fancy dinner at Carthay Circle. Thanks, Mike! And they gave us tickets to the late World of Color show.

I introduced Mike to beignets.

I ended up sick for the weekend prior to my birthday, but I managed to make an appearance at a church BBQ on Saturday. Hammari manned the grill and did a fine job.

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