Saturday, May 31, 2014

South America, finally!

Today I am traveling to Quito, and then onward to Peru for a week, then  back to Ecuador for a week. I seriously can't believe it's taken me this long to get to South America. Now I've been to all regularly inhabited continents. Will I ever make it to Antarctica? I dunno. It's cold there and a really expensive trip.

I'm going with Megs, who wanted to take a trip before she starts grad school this fall. I was relieved when we booked too late to hike the Inca Trail (I mean, c'mon, hiking and camping for 5 days just really isn't my thing), but I'm so stoked to go south!

The Peru plan is to be down in the Sacred Valley and see Machu Picchu for a few days. It has been quite difficult to secure train tickets and MP site tickets in advance due to poor websites and denied payments. I emailed a photo of my credit card somewhere to book stuff- sketchy much?  You just go with the flow in these situations.

Ecuador is much less planned, though we're in and out of Quito. Otavalo market is on the list, and I think we're headed south to Banos for some hot springs and volcanoes and the swing at the end of the world. Maybe we'll make it down to Cuenca, but we'll just play it by ear.

Two full weeks - see you in mid-June!

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