Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Birthday Weekend in LA

I ended up being a bit sick over my birthday weekend, and I took Friday and Monday off work. Rare more for me working from home, but I really was sick! 

Saturday night I managed to make it out to a show at the Cube though, with Swimm and Toy Bombs and Marcello's 100 portrait project.  

I'm in there somewhere :)

Marcello also surprised me and had Heather (a bona fide pastry chef) make me a Candy Bar Pie from Milk Bar. It was dang amazing and I didn't want to share.

Birthday present to myself - eye cream.

I felt worse on Monday, but I slept, took some drugs, and wrangled up some nearest and dearest for a birthday dinner at Baco Mercat. We had to wait a long while for some tables, but it all worked out in the end.

Jonathan stopped by later for a Vernors party (so good!) and my birthday was complete. Except for the part where I go to Austin - coming up!

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