Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great Los Angeles Walk 2013

For the second year in a row, I did the GLAW. This year the route started in Echo Park and crossed the city via Sunset, which happens to be my favorite street in LA. I got up early to catch the bus in Westwood. Probably only the second time I ever took the bus in LA. But what a great view from my neighborhood. I actually kind of miss the place right now. 

I texted Cher once I boarded the bus, and she met me along the route and hopped on. We ended up at Echo Park Lake, the starting line.

And we started walking....

Bathroom break.

Los Globos. ACCR. I don't miss those shenanigans. It was always shenanigans.

I was looking for Tom Cruise, but didn't see him hanging out around the building.

Lunch at Pinches Tacos.

I gasped when I saw this ad. And apparently so did a lot of other people.

I never ate at Carney's. Did I miss anything?

Very different part of Sunset from where we started.

We stopped a park in BH to rest our legs and noticed this creeper across the park. He was doing these weird ninja dance moves and just creeping around.

Thank goodness for good zoom. I wasn't anywhere near him. Heebeegeebeez.

Cher and I called it a day when we got back into Westwood. No need to go another 6 miles to the beach. I'm great with 800 Degrees. I do miss this pizza.

And my first time to have Stan's! I love donuts.

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