Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stuff I Did in December 2013

I bought more Dowdle puzzles because I love them and with downtime during the holidays, I like forcing family to help me put them together. 

There things were bomb from Trader Joe's. I need to go find a similar something in stores now.

Marcello was gone again on tour in Europe. We Facetime'd. Isn't technology amazing?

Oklahoma got some snow before I got home. Honey looks cold.

Meanwhile, back in CA, I was at Disneyland in sunny skies and enjoying the fake snow blown out during the evening show.

Taylor and Courtney were in town for the annual company trip to Disneyland.

I participated in a secret santa group, and despite the $5 limit, my Santa was really good to me! I knew right off the bat who it was, but Mike M didn't confess til the end, after he sent more stuff to my house in OK!

I went one night with Jihan to see Angelica Houston speak about her new book. Just outside was a singing santa on a trailer.

She's lovely.

I completed this puzzle in LA before I went home, and took the other to OK.
I mailed out Christmas cards. I feel like I should start this tradition. It's nice to get mail, so I'm going to send it.

I went to the Watkins Family Christmas special at Largo with Mike and  Kristen and Corbin and man, we had a laughing good time.

Homemade hot dog for dinner next door before the show.

Sometime in there I had lunch with Lisa at Pono Burger. It's so good! I think this burger had some figs, hazelnuts, balsamic, and arugula. It's awesome.  I love their lemonade and I love Lisa.

This in December? Yes, please. What have I gotten into, moving to Utah?

Relief Society Christmas Party up in Bel Air. We had a fancy tent outside to stay warm. 

Cher and I went on a hike one day.

And then we grabbed lunch at Sycamore Kitchen. It's delicious.
Their bakery is bomb, and this is the best donut I have ever eaten. The texture, the weight, the flavor. Gingerbread donuts - get yourself there next holiday season.

Chill Ice World at the Queen Mary! Jami organized an outing. We've gotta import the cold and pay for it in California.

All ice!

I was so ill prepared to enter ice world. Poor choice of socks and shoes - I had to borrow socks sand scarf. Thankfully they give you a coat. It's cold in there.

Then we walked over to the Queen Mary. I'd never been on before.

Hello, Long Beach.

Yeah, I think that's most of LA last December.

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