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South America, finally!

Today I am traveling to Quito, and then onward to Peru for a week, then  back to Ecuador for a week. I seriously can't believe it's taken me this long to get to South America. Now I've been to all regularly inhabited continents. Will I ever make it to Antarctica? I dunno. It's cold there and a really expensive trip.

I'm going with Megs, who wanted to take a trip before she starts grad school this fall. I was relieved when we booked too late to hike the Inca Trail (I mean, c'mon, hiking and camping for 5 days just really isn't my thing), but I'm so stoked to go south!

The Peru plan is to be down in the Sacred Valley and see Machu Picchu for a few days. It has been quite difficult to secure train tickets and MP site tickets in advance due to poor websites and denied payments. I emailed a photo of my credit card somewhere to book stuff- sketchy much?  You just go with the flow in these situations.

Ecuador is much less planned, though we're in and out o…

My Birthday Weekend in LA

I ended up being a bit sick over my birthday weekend, and I took Friday and Monday off work. Rare more for me working from home, but I really was sick! 
Saturday night I managed to make it out to a show at the Cube though, with Swimm and Toy Bombs and Marcello's 100 portrait project.  
I'm in there somewhere :)

Marcello also surprised me and had Heather (a bona fide pastry chef) make me a Candy Bar Pie from Milk Bar. It was dang amazing and I didn't want to share.

Birthday present to myself - eye cream.

I felt worse on Monday, but I slept, took some drugs, and wrangled up some nearest and dearest for a birthday dinner at Baco Mercat. We had to wait a long while for some tables, but it all worked out in the end.

Jonathan stopped by later for a Vernors party (so good!) and my birthday was complete. Except for the part where I go to Austin - coming up!

Birthday Month in LA

I'd heard that my childhood neighbor, Patricia, was living in LA and had opened a chocolate shop called Chocovivo. Marcello and I decided to pay a visit. LA friends - definitely go check this out! Bean to bar chocolate, with bars and spreads and wonderful hot and cold drinks. The frozen hot chocolate with homemade ice cream is divine on hot days!

I hadn't seen Patricia in more than 20 years, and she was busy when I walked in. I waited around checking out the shop and finally said hello. It was so nice to see a familiar face and we had a wonderful time catching up. Our two younger brothers got into a lot of mischief together back in the day!

Marcello and I headed out to Andrew and Michelle's place to celebrate Andrew's birthday. He got a rad R2D2 cake.

They have a sweet pup, Buddy.

I hit up the Anticon Records Anniversay showcase at the Echo and Echoplex. Daedelus was great, but blurry.

And I'd really wanted to see Baths, though I'll say I didn't love the l…

Summer's Over - Back to LA for Tanner's Visit

(I will catch up on this blog if it kills me)

After a month in Utah, it was time to head home.  A beach run reminded me why I came back. Plus, Tanner was coming to visit for Labor Day weekend.

I felt bad that Tanner was stuck in school and never gets to go anywhere, so I flew him out to LA for the long weekend. I knew he'd enjoy John Williams and the LA Phil, so we planned a trip around that. 
Thursday night I took him to the Troubadour for a few show featuring up and coming bands. I really dug White Rainbow

We had some 800 Degrees pizza somewhere in there. 
On Friday we tried out Stand Up Paddle Board. I hadn't done it in awhile, and an hour is plenty of time to get a good workout. Neither of us fell in, though some boats in the marina had me rocking a bit! Lots of seals around. 

Friday night - the big event. I didn't know until I got there that Julie Andrews was participating. Squeel! I just love her. The Sound of Music is my favorite movie of all time.

Saturday was …