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Stuff I Did in December 2013

I bought more Dowdle puzzles because I love them and with downtime during the holidays, I like forcing family to help me put them together. 
There things were bomb from Trader Joe's. I need to go find a similar something in stores now.

Marcello was gone again on tour in Europe. We Facetime'd. Isn't technology amazing?

Oklahoma got some snow before I got home. Honey looks cold.

Meanwhile, back in CA, I was at Disneyland in sunny skies and enjoying the fake snow blown out during the evening show.

Taylor and Courtney were in town for the annual company trip to Disneyland.

I participated in a secret santa group, and despite the $5 limit, my Santa was really good to me! I knew right off the bat who it was, but Mike M didn't confess til the end, after he sent more stuff to my house in OK!

I went one night with Jihan to see Angelica Houston speak about her new book. Just outside was a singing santa on a trailer.

She's lovely.

I completed this puzzle in LA before I went h…

Thanksgiving in Arizona 2013

The great Carpenter family reunion was set for Thanksgiving in Arizona, and my parents and Tanner were headed in from Oklahoma, so I made the drive over from LA on Sunday.  
I stopped at T's on the way out of town, I think were ending things. Just say no. 
These drives are always good times to catch up on my Above & Beyond podcasts. Though I'm really hating the podcast app on my phone lately.

The all too familiar border crossing. I don't miss those drives now.

There was a crazy ice storm in Oklahoma and around, and the family left a day or so late, but they brought Honey and made it in time for turkey!  Sadly, dear Honey departed from us in April, and she's now living in doggie heaven. We miss her.

The five Carpenter siblings take turn hosting the reunion every other year, and this year it was Grandma's turn. The Williams clan gathered at her place, then headed to the church to set up and decorate the place for Turkey Day. Her church building was the only plac…