Thursday, March 05, 2015

Pre-Birthday September in Utah

I guess I never posted this update from before my birthday so....

The Moth & the Flame came to down to play Provo's Rooftop Concert series. Haleigh and Caitlin were here, hooray!

And Marcello was here. My LA friends are  here all the time. It's so great. And my hair looks so light!

Meghan and Eric - I hung out in their BYU MBA roped off VIP section.

I had a Sephora gift card to use, so I got a makeover and tried new products. That mascara is pretty rad.

That YSL lip gloss is so good, and I'm still addicted to Urban Decay's eye liner.

Onward! Meghan and Bethany had tickets to the Ogden temple open house, since it's been remodeled. We drove up one Saturday to check it out.

And then up to Brigham City for Peach Days and a car show.

This BLT was so delicious.

I opted for the non-peach pie. And check out that $2 bill!

Megs and peaches.

Made a stop at a roadside stand to get some fruits on the way out of town.

Timmy and Nestor came to town! They were on an epic road trip to national parks for a month before they moved to Israel. They made a stop in Utah, so on a freakishly cold September day, we drove up into the mountains for a little hike. 

I see this raspberry pie all the time in the frozen section of Trader Joe's and I didn't try it until now. I think Sergio and Marcello came over for dinner?

My neighborhood had a street festival one Saturday, and I volunteered at the kids booth. There was a fire truck to distract them a lot of the time. 

I did another afternoon hike with Adam, Shannon and Jendar. Fall was coming.

More online dating messages. Ugh.

I started brewing kombucha! I went to Erin's mom's house and got a SCOBY. It's kinda gross, but kinda cool. Sadly, I only made one  batch that wasn't fizzy enough, and my next batch got moldy. I haven't tried again since. But I made some good flavors, like lavender blueberry!

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