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Musical Monday - Public Service Broadcasting

I saw Public Service Broadcasting last week and just loved it. Such a cool presentation, and no speaking by either band member during the show, though lots of interaction via electronic communications. A bit cheeky.

Nice to See You Again, Los Angeles

Two weeks ago I headed back to LA to escape Utah's (mild) winter and because I'd purchased tickets to one of Caribou's 3 sold out shows at the Fonda. I just had to see them.

I hadn't been back since last May - time to see if enough time had passed since our breakup and if LA and I could get along alright.

I took off Thursday after work and flew into hazy LA.

Hit the runway at LAX right at sunset. 
Just in time for rush hour. I picked up my rental car (a nice little VW) and headed over to Mike's place to kill a little time. Little did I know I didn't actually have time to kill, because Facebook messed up the time zones on my event, and people were already there. Whoops.

I'd figured it be easiest to stay Westside til rush hour was open, so I had a group of friends meet me at my favorite - yep, 800 Degrees. Meatball marinara with artichokes and ricotta, I've missed you!

These fine folks came to see me, and it was so great. I've missed them, too.

After …

Life Lately, February Edition

One warm weather trip out of the way, I came back to pretty mild weather in Utah, too. I'm so glad it's been a gentle winter.

I came back to a slightly disappointing work review  based on last year, not because I didn't perform well, but because of a forced curve and because my rockstar projects happened after they started ratings (October), I didn't get a lot of credit for last year and had to take one for the team. Both my boss and her boss felt terrible. I bought some sparkly shoes to make myself feel better. Well, mostly cause I've had my eye on them for awhile and they went on major sale. Thanks to Mint Arrow for the heads up. And thanks to Lacey for picking them up from my door step while I was away.

I did also get a bonus of sorts at work in the form of points, which I can cash in for a good chunk of gift cards. I'm thinking I'll get an iPad mini? Unless anyone has better ideas on how to spend that money?

I had a scheduled massage for post-Ragnar rec…