Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stuff from Summer - June

Stuff that happened in June. Summer came to Utah. Jason drew on my board at work. I've been given the nickname of Bubbles.

Meghan came back from her Euro adventures and brought me a treat.

I put Farmer Dad's blueberries to good use. The smitten kitchen recipe is great.

Other Meghan is a rower, and Meghan, Amanda and I went out to the marina for a learn-to-row day clinic that they did. I'm amazed we didn't tip the boat.

I love making these tostadas. 

And my AZ dream of Bahama Bucks finally came to Utah! It's far away in Draper, but one day I was in the neighborhood so....sour red raspberry it was. 

Snapchat. Ridiculous.

At least this one is cute.

At church one night we had a woman bring her Spanish friends to demo some Spanish dishes. Pan con tomate and tortilla - so good! I'm glad I went.

Anthony convinced me to go camping one weekend - the first true test of our relationship. Out in the middle of nowhere (well, not really, but...) in a place without an actual campground nor facilities (running water, bathroom), so it was a little challenge for me, but I survived for a night. We went to Stansbury Island.

We parked and walked up a little hill - he carried the stuff.

That's the Great Salt Lake back there.

I couldn't find the rainfly for my tent, so we got a little rained on the next morning. We packed up quickly and got to the car, then drove to the brine shrimp farm. That's why the water is all red. I still don't know exactly how that works.

View from the movie theater parking garage. We saw the Weiner documentary.

Lacey had chocolate pasta at her house and I tried it with ice cream on top. It's okay?

Becca loves America and had a Flag Day party.

Ensign Peak night with the youth from church. I think it was crazy windy.

All I wanted for the summer was pool access, and Meghan's place in Provo delivered.

We had a girls night at the rodeo in Pleasant Grove (I don't think I'd been to one before?) and found a delicious food stand right after.

Niece time! Hallie got a book from grandma about her travel to Texas.

More pool time.

Dear family friends from Oklahoma were in Utah for their daughter's wedding. Taylor and I went and it was lovely to see their whole family. It had probably been 20 years!

I made everyone go to food trucks one night. So great in the summer.

This one had a job interview near me and we had a milkshake date after.

Adam had a birthday! And Dana totally pulled off a surprise with friend and family meeting him at TopGolf. That place is fun.

Breakfast at Rye. And somewhere around here I volunteered at the Utah Arts Festival in the beer tent. I'm sure I took photos? I guess not.

Night hike in Brighton.

And some Real Salt Lake.

And I finally splurged and bought this eyeshadow palette. It's been a great investment.

One more birthday celebration for Adam - some Peruvian food! And then he did some stellar Spanish karaoke. 
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That's it for June!

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