Tuesday, December 20, 2016

To Dallas! For Tanner's Wedding!

So little bro Tanner got married to Kimber in May, and the Utah siblings headed out together to celebrate the joyous occasion. It was about time they got married, and I'm glad to have another sister. Happier still that both brothers have chosen well.

Hallie was ready with her backpack, though she kept telling us it was too heavy.

Sisters on a plane.

We had a little mix up once we landed. We flew into Dallas Love, but the car rental was a DFW. After lots of phone calls and such, we weren't successful in switching it, so Tanner came to pick us all up. But with all the crap in his car, we barely fit into the grande SUV.

She's just chill.

First stop - dinner reunion with Grandparents Williams and Courtney's sister, Taryn and her little fam.

Hard Eight BBQ. Pretty good stuff.

Blurry pic of Kimber's fam. They're a good bunch.

To the hotel. Ho-tay-el, as Hallie said.

Dad brought me blueberries from the farm, and I was so excited. I still have a precious few left in my freezer.
Hallie looooves them.

She also loved swim time.

Kimber got Courtney and me cute gifts.

Off to the temple to seal the deal. It was hectic. Mom and Dad called me from there since I was leaving later, cause Dad forgot his recommend, and then I didn't know if we needed to give grandparents a ride or if they were already there, so I ran around the entire hotel and called and never found them. We were running late and as we pulled onto the street and were 30 yards from the parking lot turn in, a construction site had closed the whole street and we had to go way around, which took another 7 minutes. So dumb! At least they waited for us cause it was the only event at the temple that day.

Love these two bros of mine.

We headed to a nice steak lunch after to celebrate. And that was that - they're married!

Hallie was the first one up in the morning, always coming in to see Grandpa and get some blueberries.

We found a playground so we could meet up with Taryn again.

The last day I went with Mom and Dad to see the Bush Presidential Library.

Then some Torchy's, and Dallas was pretty much done.

We did drive by a Grandy's, one of my favorite childhood places. Wish I could've stopped for their chicken and cinnamon rolls!

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