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Stuff I Did in Utah In July

Still on a pool kick. Meghan and I tried out the Murray City Pool. I was a fan. 
Look what came in the mail! Cuban visas.

My neighbors went out of town and I watched their fish. It was pretty peaceful to just sit and watch them.

Summer nights.

Celisse made some magic happen for the Fourth of July - she found a sweet deal on cashing in hotel points and booked us a room for the night at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City.

More pool time!

We ventured out for dinner and fireworks in our patriotic clothes.

The golf course was the place to be for fireworks, and for nice people around handing out fruit pizza.

And we got 'crappy cake' from the grocery store since Meghan and Celisse love that kind the best.

Back at the hotel we snuck out to the hot tubs right as they were closing and we had the place to ourselves.

Deer at Taylor's house. Pretty regular occurrence. 
Anthony and I were front row to see Wye Oak. I was so glad to have finally seen them!