Saturday, December 01, 2018

Archives - Aug 2017 - Everything Else

When I wasn't getting married or honeymooning in Hawaii, I was eating cookie dough from DoughCo. I actually crave their peanut butter one, even though that's not my favorite flavor.

Also, these are the best snack. They have spicy ones, too. 

We went to Walmart to get spare keys made for our house, so people could check on it while we were out of town. We waited at the customer service desk to get keys made for ages and ages, and even heard many announcements paging someone to come help us. Finally someone mentioned there's a magic machine up front to make keys. Whew. Except the lobby was full of passed out people and lots of security/police people. It was a circus. Glad to have keys and get out of there. 

Someone had a birthday!

Grandma came from OK for this birthday. 

Birdies cookies again. Best sugar cookies ever.

Came home from Hawaii to this. 

And to this at work. 

Thanks, coworkers! 

Eclipse day. 

Newly married couples need to learn how to cook together, right? We had some Blue Apron to try. They all turned out pretty good and we subscribed for awhile. Until it got expensive. 

 More Bluebird Cafe at Sundance.

Trying out eyeliners. So many shades of brown. 
 Loveloud Festival

 Finding out officially that my job would end eventually because we sold off my business unit. This is why my life's been on hold for over a year.

Delicious treat from Slovakia thanks to a lovely young lady at church. 

Go watch this if you haven't yet. 

My aunt made us a beautiful quilt as a wedding present. I absolutely love it. 

 More food.

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