Saturday, January 26, 2019

Archives - March 2018

March 1 - becoming Sam's Club members. They've got all the same stuff as Costco, usually less crowded, and they take AMEX.

Ogden Twilight announced their summer line up, and it was excellent. This is the place to be in the summer.
I guess he was cold?

I think I walked to church this day.

First time making a Dutch Baby. Super good with some lemon juice, sugar and berries.

Trying out the Mighty Baker in Provo. Sad they didn't have any cake available to try, but this cookie was pretty good. I dig their frosting (and I'm picky about frosting).

Meghan and I tried out the Eklektik Kitchen one night. I've driven past it hundreds of time, but knew nothing about it. It's eclectic alright, but the food was pretty good. Inspired by all sorts of cuisines and all sorts of interesting things to try.

The owner insisted we try their citrus tiramisu. We didn't object.

For once Anthony had a weekend off from work, so we made a day at Antelope Island.

We pretty much made our own trail after getting tired of sharing it with the horses.

We got home in time to clean up for Lacey and Ian's wedding.

Have you had these? Because they are amazing! Thanks, Canada.

Sunday afternoon walk with the deer.

School. Boo.

Rainbow cake at Meghan's.

Taxes. Married filing jointly.

Best smooth ice.

Dodgeball with the church kids.

Cookbook club! We did breakfast night and this is easy and delicious.

H and Q got a gift in the mail from Tanner and Kimber.

I wrote a web application from scratch. Two, actually. It was hard.

Toured several companies with the Women Tech Council's Student tour. I never really felt like a student since I also worked and was usually older than most other students, but I tried to take advantage of student stuff when possible! Little did I know in March that I'd start a new job at one of the companies below by the end of the year.

Lacey's birthday! Across the street from my house at Trio.

Other notable March happenings -I found a bra fitting lady and she changed my life. New best friend. And Google Fiber was installed! Only a year and a half of waiting.

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