Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thank Goodness for Shorts and Tanks

It's 86 degrees in my house and the AC has been running for 2 days. Houston, we have a problem. It's sweltering in here and it's only June 1. Anyone got some AC they wanna share? I pack light - you won't even know I'm there. Wait, that's a total lie, but I gotta do something quick. Stripping when home is getting old.

What else is going? The sugar glider is alive and well, though it pees often and pees on your arm. Work is long and a tad crazy, I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I had hoped to hit the gym 4 times this week, but I haven't made it even once! Saw DaVinci Code last night. I liked it - why is everyone hating on it? Take it as a piece of entertainment, and leave it at that. I just finished reading The Kite Runner, which is AMAZING. One night on the way home from work I was reading on the metro platform, waiting for a train. I was almost in tears. A few pages later, while actually riding in a metro car full of people, I gasped outloud. It's emotional. It's dark. Parts are hard to read. But it's great. Also read Middlesex, which is quite different from my normal picks, but I liked it.

I need a vacation. Might be time to pay a visit to the blueberry farm. A friend suggested Bermuda again. Anyone wanna spare $500?

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uStaAd dEboO said...

Hey write very well!!..keep it up! it seems we share some common interests in books. I read kite runner and "curious incident of.." recently. pretty good ones...and i am bitten by wanderlust too...

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