Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It’s almost Christmas Eve, I’ve been home for 24 hours and here’s why it’s awesome.

It’s freezing. Like 27 degrees when I landed at 6pm last night. I brought my cute leather jacket cause it’s cute and I don’t get to wear it in Phoenix. I should’ve brought the old huge marshmallow Lands End windproof to -30 degrees coat. It rained today though, so that warmed it up a little.

Mom and I decorated the tree this morning. Haven’t done that in ages. We never really made a big deal of the tree while I was growing up, since we were usually gone to Arizona. But now, we’ve got a real-live, fresh-smelling tree covered in lights and ornaments.

And, now that my parents are empty-nesters, meaning no more kids to ruin the stuff, they’ve got really nice things! I have my share of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, all newly painted, decorated, and uncluttered. New couches, entertainment system, huge plasma TV, surround sound, two computers, wireless internet, even a new shower head. It kind of rules. Mom and I plugged in the PlayStation tonight and battled on Guitar Hero, too.

I ventured out to the Post Office this afternoon and took a quick drive through town. Some things have changed, but a lot’s the same. My best friend came over for lunch, it felt just like high school when we’d come home and my mom would have something ready for us. Except now I’m here visiting, she came from her law firm, and later will go home to a husband and child, not cheerleading practice.

I’ve already had more than my share of chocolates, chocolate-covered Oreos, fudge, peanut butter balls, etc. I brought freshly made tortillas from the Mexican mart in Phoenix; mom made green chile meat, salsa and tomorrow it’s on to tamales.

I watched The Encounter at the End of the World, focused on the weird things you’ll find in Antarctica, mostly the incredibly odd people who make their way as south as you can go. There’s a reason they congregate together and you’ll see why if you watch it. I also made it halfway through Lawrence of Arabia – it’s 4 hours total. I’ve got a 3-hour Gandhi to go and my movie goals are met.

My dog still loves and remembers me. And she’s funny. After she eats dinner in the laundry room, my parents always give her a rawhide stick for dessert. They’ve taken to hiding it in places in the living room. Today I got to hide it. I parked it on the couch and waited for her to finish eating, and soon I saw her running into the living room, full speed, automatic, nose sniffing everywhere like a machine. She lives for those sticks. It’s funny to watch. Want her to do anything, just say “stick” and she’ll obey.

Yay for Christmas at home!


Geoff said...

My flight from JFK to LAX had to stop to refuel in Oklahoma City (don't ask) and I thought of you.

The end.

Erin said...

my mom took me to lawrence of arabia in a movie theater when i was like ... 12 years old. what the freak. i did not enjoy it. maybe i would now.

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