Monday, December 15, 2008

Musical Monday

Thank you, Snow Patrol and Shockhound and Clubhouse venue, for teaming up and having a free concert where:

1) I was able to get tickets
2) I was able to get prime parking
3) I was able to sit in the car and stay warm until it was time to line up
4) it was very, very organized and not chaotic in the least
5) the bar section is in the back of the joint, far from the stage so that when the crowds rushed into the venue and headed that way, I got a prime spot in the 2nd row, center
6) Gary Lightbody and company played a studio masterpiece of a track from the new album that sounded amazing live and blew me away
7) Gary did his little creative twitch and released most of his expression through his eyes and made us all love him even more than we already did
8) I got lots of good photos and video so I can relive it a little bit every day

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