Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Musical Monday

A day late, but I went to Coldplay and you (probably) didn't.

From an email I wrote to friends afterward:

They take a piece of my heart every time. I will cry when they're finished.

I took a video clip of most of the tracks. I have realized I should update my camera.

I want one of those revolutionary jackets so I can be Coldplay for Halloween next year.

They did all of the new album, got In My Place and Clocks outta the way pretty early on and encore was a tight, quick, rockier version of Yellow.  They even did Chinese Sleep Chant (the last half of Yes on the album). 

My favorites:
Fix You and the end of Politik (which I underestimated for a long long time), continuing into my newest favorite, Lovers in Japan.

That one got chills from me.

They opened with Life in Technicolor, predictably.

Halfway through they all came together on a small side stage and did some tight excerpts of
God Put a Smile on My Face and Talk.

They also ran through the audience at one point, I thought they were just hi-fiving people, but all of the sudden they pulled out instruments and did The Scientist.

Chris Martin, as usual, made a self-deprecating remark that most of the people at the concerts buy tickets as far away as possible from them, and he hoped he wasn't ruining anyone's experience by treading on their space.

Most talented guy in the band probably goes to Will the drummer. He sang back up on a quiet version of The Hardest Part (a track I don't really care for), but stripped down to just the piano, quite lovely.

Fourth time's the charm. I've seen them on both American coasts, time to see them in Europa

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Erin said...

i am so jealous, and so mad at myself. todd and i talked about going in LA in july and decided against it. i can't remember why, but whatever it was, it was stupid!

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