Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie Mania

So many flicks to catch before the end of the year, especially as the nominations start rolling out.  I've got to be ready for Jacinda's annual Golden Globes and Oscars contests!  I usually place at least top 3, two years running.

This week's probably my last week to get a couple of these in, seeing that I'm going home to Oklahoma on the 22nd and the closest indie theater is oh, probably 3 hours away.  Then I'll be traveling til Jan 11 so I'd better squeeze what I can into this week!

This week I saw:

Australia - expected to hate it, based on reviews, and while it's long and disjointed, there were certain elements that I really loved.  And I could've sobbed through the last half hour.  But I was with a new group of people, most of whom I'd never met, so I held it in.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - I can't stop watching Holocaust films.  This was one of the most intense endings and it's awful, awful stuff.  But I think it's important for humanity that these films are still made.

Yesterday - granted it came out a few years ago, but it's the first Zulu-language film to be internationally distributed.  About a woman in South Africa dealing with AIDS in her family.  I liked it.

I need to see:
Slumdog Millionaire
I've Loved You So Long
The Reader
A Christmas Tale

So it seems Slumdog Millionaire isn't even playing at all in the entire state of Oklahoma, according to the Fandango search I just did. Seriously. Why does this not surprise me?

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