Thursday, July 05, 2012

America's Birthday

I woke up on the 4th feeling a little cold, with lots of gloomy, gray clouds overhead.  But I didn't know it was this cold outside!  All you people suffering from the heatstroke and wild fires, come on over to Arctic LA.  

I worked in the morning and skipped the beach activity, because it was pretty chilly.  But the rest of the day turned out pretty stellar.  America, thanks for having a birthday.  

Pool party scenes.  

Mad dash to a Walmart (LA doesn't have many of these nearby) to find some 'merica pride shirts.

BBQs - where I run into my old Georgetown roommate who has long since left her planned international relations career for a PhD in mechanical engineering.  She's only got a little internship with NASA this summer, no big deal.

Eating a really good burger.

Walking through a beautiful Pasadena neighborhood to the Rose Bowl.  Well, a hill overlooking the Rose Bowl.  Why pay to get in when there's a free view?

I'll take any of these houses.  Any of them.

Getting dark.  

Fireworks photos are almost always bad, aren't they?  At least I got a photo.  Most of those people in San Diego probably didn't.

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