Friday, August 03, 2012

Back to the Big Apple

While in Phoenix at the end of June, I walked into the office on Monday morning, and the first email I opened was one that directed me to book a flight to NYC for two weeks later. 

I'll be honest - the thought of flying cross country again did not sound appealing.  I thought - I'll just go and come back quickly - I want to be at home for once!  I'd been gone for nearly a month before, and I've been feeling the need to stay put and investment in people/places lately.

But hold it - if I'm flying 6 hours one way, I should stay at least 6 days.  So that's what I booked.  

I left Lady J's birthday party early in Palm Springs, came home, packed, and Monday morning at 4am, a car picked me up and took me to the airport.  Ugh. 

I slept the whole way.  I'm grateful I can sleep so well on planes.  I pulled into the W Downtown around 6pm.  I may sound terribly snotty, but compared to other W properties I have visited, I didn't love this one.  I usually do enjoy the W.

The view from the lobby bar was nice, however.  

My coworker had flown in from Phoenix just before me, so we went to grab some dinner nearby.  Very nearby.  It had already been a long day and I was ready for bed.  Harry's Italian would have to do.

We took a little walk after to the Irish Hunger Memorial.  The sky was just amazing.

The next couple days was all work.  The London gang brought in some biscuits.

We had some after work appetizers in the hotel lobby.

And a sushi dinner off Wall St.

I popped up to visit Jason, since he was just a couple blocks away.  His roof deck is great.  Perfect summer night.

Back to a meeting room the next day.  ALL day.

We finally escaped to Noodle Bar for dinner where we had two rounds of buns cause they were so good.  Shrimp is my favorite.  

My spicy prawns.

We paid a little visit to milk bar, and then I made sure I walked home.  That dessert is pretty dang amazing.  

We had a work shopping excursion to Century 21.  So overwhelming, but at least I got a new pair of shoes that I've been wanting.  And cheap sunglasses, since I always misplace mine.

I took the London ladies to Shake Shack for lunch one day.  I went all out with that bacon cheeseburger.

Finally towards the end of the week I had some time to play. I got to dine with Brigham, which is always a pleasure.  We ventured out to Greenpoint to try some pizza at Paulie Gee's.  

I don't have any photos of the pizza, but I liked Greenpoint!  One of the pizzas had honey on it.  Good idea? Eh...I liked it, but I wasn't amazed.

Friday afternoon I took a nap and ate a cookie.  All Friday afternoons should be like that.

Later that night I met up with Brigham for a dumpling tour.

He had the chinese pork hamburger, which was okay for a chinese burger.

I spent most of Saturday wandering around Brooklyn.  I sure do like it over there.

I walked down to Tim's old place down Kent Ave in Billyburg for old time's sake.

I checked out the markets and smorgasborg.

I had breakfast at Roebling Tea Room.  I've decided I really like fruity tea and should drink more of it.

That guy was just drumming his little heart out.

A new motorcycle shop.

Second meal time at The Chocolate Room.

Throw on some raspberry sauce and you can never go wrong.

I explored Carroll Gardens.  I could live there, I think!

And before I knew it, I was reclaiming my luggage at my hotel, hopping in my black fancy car, and heading back to JFK for another long flight home. 

NYC, I don't know when I'll be back again, but I'll think of you fondly in the meantime.  

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