Tuesday, August 07, 2012

European Extravaganza - Part IV c - Nice/Eze

After getting perfumed up in Grasse, it was back to Cannes to grab our bags, then on to nice Nice!  Our hotel was right near the water, as well as Place Massena.  Here's a view from our balcony.

We had a little evening walk to explore our new surroundings.  It's tough to get in the groove of a place when you're on the move every couple days.


This part of Nice looks like Disneyland.

There were a million, jillion places to eat around the plaza area, so we just kinda picked one.  It was getting late.  The Mirador would do.  

Pretty awesome looking French onion soup.  I expected no less!

I didn't notice these during the daylight, but the funky little statues were awesome!

Back on our balcony.

It was day trip time the next morning; we'd save the Nice exploration for the last day.  We jumped the train to Eze.  That little bay was so beautiful, too bad I sat on the wrong side of the train.

I'd heard rave reviews about Eze, but it's a bit of a trek to get there.  The train goes to south Eze easy enough, but then you have to catch a bus up the mountain to the village.  That bus only goes about once an hour, and we had just missed it by ten minutes.  We met a couple other tourists waiting at the bus stop, and we decided to share a cab.  Only thing was, there were no cabs to be had.  I guess it was lunch time?
Even so, a cab would've been 60 euros or more, we heard.  That bus came by eventually.

We checked the bus schedule to get down the mountain, and there was one directly to Monaco that we could take as well.  We had just under two hours to explore.  Good thing Eze is small.

We set out to find the gorgeous views.

Turns out those gorgeous views are from the Botanical Gardens, so we paid our 6 euro entrance fee and boy, was it worth it.  No words needed.

Can you tell I couldn't get enough?

It was time to go back down the mountain and look for some souvenirs.

We jumped into the cathedral for a few minutes.

Off to Monaco next, but wow, Eze.  You're a stunner.

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