Monday, August 20, 2012

More Stuff I Did in July

How is August almost already over? Whoa! Before this month ends, let's jump back to a month ago and finish out July, shall we? I also hope to get through the rest of my Paris/Eurotrip posts this week. And go...

So I went to NYC and the day after I got back I drove out to Malibu to El Matador.  Talk about one of the prettiest places ever.

Basically, I couldn't stop taking photos.  There's not a lot of sand to start with and the tide was pretty high.  You've got a few seconds to run behind the rocks to get to the next enclave over.  It's kind of exciting.

There was a Sunday night breakfast party and it included shaving Dator's head.  Maybe it's only funny if you were there?  There was always a cinnamon challenge.  If I can find that video, it's actually funny for everyone.  Brown smoke coming out of people's noses - whoa.

I had to buy printer cartridges.  That always sucks.

There's Milo Greene at Amoeba.  I really like their record.

Popped over next door to the Arclight to maybe see a movie.  There was a press screening of Shut Up and Play the Hits happening.  And there's Jenny Lewis before she heads into the flick.  

A guy I know asked a girl if she wanted to go see that movie.  Her text reply, 'sure! but what's an lcd sound system?'  I'm still laughing about that.  

I opted not to see a flick that night and instead went to Griffith Park.

But the next night I did go see Shut Up and Play the Hits.  And I really liked it.

I guess I made cheesy eggs for breakfast one day?  With some Trader Joe's smokey hot sauce, that stuff is delicious.  In fact, I'm going to make some right now.

I read some stuff.

I wrapped presents for Marcello's birthday.

I ordered birthday cake truffles from milk bar.  Totally worth the shipping costs.

I saw Batman.  Yes, I was a little paranoid after the previous night's horrific events.  It was a dark flick.  But two thumbs up from me.  Chris Nolan is amazing.

I went back to visit The Misfit one Saturday.  Those brussels sprouts were pretty good.


My little bro went to Peru and sent me a photo.  I still haven't been to South America!  Must get down there.

There was birthday party dancing one night with a very large boombox.

From the Standard hotel in DTLA.  I finally got into one of the waterbed  pods that night!  They were cool  but the photos of me in one are very unflattering.  Bad angles and bad lighting.

Ryan Darton had a record release show at Hotel Cafe.  

This movie looks great.

It's hard to get tickets to the taping of So You Think You Can Dance, but Becca got some and Haleigh and I went with her.  I love the show, but I remember now that TV tapings are kind of annoying. It's a lot of showing up early, maybe not getting in, waiting around, and finally making it inside a few hours later.  We got lucky.  No photos allowed, but here's the studio from the parking structure at The Grove.

We got placed into the standing pit at first, but later moved to some empty seats behind the judges.  TV time!

After the show, Becca and I tried out a new Mexican restaurant with great Yelp reviews.  And it was terrible.  Brown butter candied bacon ice cream at Coolhaus after made up for it though.

I reunited our Century City lunch group.  It had been awhile.  And what a beautiful day to have lunch outside.  

We even had a guitar dude serenading us.

Vanilla Bake Shop really is the best.  Seriously.

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