Friday, August 10, 2012

European Extravaganza - Part IV e - Nice

Are you tired of the Euro updates?  I'm not.  I can't believe it was all two months ago.

Our southern France adventures continued one more day, with our last day in Nice. As usual, we started the day at the market.

Then it was on to the walking tour of old Nice in one of our guidebooks.  Lots and lots of churches.  I wont' attempt to name them, because I don't remember and I don't want to look them up.

Mid morning snack.  I ordered in French.  I am terrible at French.

Blurry,  but cute.

Always an abundance of desserts in France.

Some little free museum with musical instruments.  Worth a stop.

Lemon Fanta is the BEST.  And so hard to find.

A candy store.

Some trendy food stand area.  We didn't eat here.


Place Garibaldi

The Modern Art Museum was nearby, and I wanted to see it.  We took a detour from our walking tour.  Museums in Nice are trying to compete in a sense with the great art of Paris, so museums are free!

To the roof!

Some nice views of the city.

Back down to the tour.

In the Cimetière du Château.

On through the connected park.  Really pretty stuff around here.

We ventured over to the harbor for some lunch, and to protect ourselves from those gloomy clouds.

I noticed these cute bottles in the market that morning and was excited to get to try them out.  Yeah, not a lot of points on the execution.  Glad I didn't buy them.  

The famous pebble beaches of Nice.  There are a lot of beaches.

We headed back to the hotel for a little break, but I decided to run down to another little museum while it was still open.  It was free!  Why not?  Here's the Massena Art and History Museum 

Even though it's free, you have to find the half underground bookshop to get a free ticket.  Then you can go into the museum.  Why the extra steps, France?

I stopped in Plaza Massena on the way home, just to people watch for a bit.

Dinner at Le Safari.  Popular, and good.  Despite the huge outdoor patio, there was no room for us.  That's okay, we'll take an empty dining room, flowers, and a very charming French waiter.

I don't know why I don't have more food photos of our dinner, but it was good.

I feel like there's something notable about that house, like maybe a famous artist lived in in?  But I don't remember.  We meandered to some ice cream shops and/or waffle shops or something and kept eating.  But not for too long, since we had to catch an early bus to the airport.

Good morning, Nice.

The bus stop.  Where we waited and waited.  And almost caught a cab.  Or walked the four miles.  But the bus arrived, we made it, and despite not understanding how EasyJet works, exactly (we ended up last in line to board, while everyone else had been lined up for 45 minutes.  We were just kickin it), our bags didn't get tagged for extra weight fees, we got on the plane in an efficient manner, and we made it to Paris!

Just a few more posts to go.  Hang in there.

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