Friday, November 16, 2012

Links I Like

Some links I like, lately:

  • I was scared of rabies as a kid after crying my way through Old Yeller.  As a grown-up, you should be scared of the costs if you so much as get brushed by a flying bat.  
  • I love J Crew and I love Williamsburg and here's what happens if you try to put them together.  I was very amused by this article.  
  • I think this has already made headline news, but dudes, you might need to take a pregnancy test.  
  • Sometimes I feel like this guy, down to the rug from Istanbul.  As a single lady, working from home, in a city I still consider new to me, yeah, this it what it's like sometimes.  Another reason I don't really want to move again and start over.  
  • More than half of LA could've written this article.  

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