Thursday, November 29, 2012

Octoberness back in October I went to Oklahoma. Then what happened?

 This, according to my iPhone photostream:

Why are all these people holding up phones in the air?

So they can take photos of Ellie.  I got to Amoeba right as the show was about to start and there was a crowd control line out the door.  Then all of the sudden some guy grabbed a few of us and took us right to the front.  Phew!

Right after Ellie, I grabbed some food on Sunset and went a couple blocks over to Fonda for Vacationer and Bombay Bicycle Club.  You know how much I love BBC, right?  A lot.  Vacationer was great, too.  Check 'em out if you haven't already.

A couple songs in, Jack left the stage cause he was sick.  I was petrified for a minute that they were going to cancel.  Alas, he came back out and they kept rockin.

There were tacos one night.

And finally!  I got some caramel popcorn at Arclight!  It coated my teeth while I watched Argo, which was awesome.

There was a homecoming football game at the church field - Santa Monica vs Los Angeles.

I made a cake!  It was okay.  Somehow my grocery store only had sugar free cake mix, the basis of my recipe.  Throwing in pudding and chocolate chips made it kinda taste weird.

Daily style with Masato - that's a vintage Gucci jacket he wore to Stake Conference.

Tradition - El Cholo after Saturday night church.

Made it in season for green corn tamales.  Yowza good. 

Next daily style with Masato.  Check those details.

Later that Sunday night I had a Georgetown Alumni meeting at a fancy house in Santa Monica.  I'm glad there was a banner to tell me which house to go into.

Downtown LA

Welcome back, NBA.  Bring on basketball season!

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