Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Leaving AZ and family and Christmas was a little tough, but it had to be done eventually. The ocean welcomed me back to California with a beautiful sky.

I gave in at Target. When's the last time you had a Little Debbie snack?

Father John Misty played at the end of Dec and I figured I should see him. He's got quite the personality.

I visited Masato up in Bel Air, where he lives with Grandma L. Nice place. Nice view. I could live in Bel Air.

Masato wore green pants to church, in honor of Christmas. I recently found out that some older ladies in my ward just call him Matt, because they're afraid of mispronouncing his name.  I find this hilarious.

I welcomed in 2013 in a most low-key way. People asked me where I was off to this time, but I'd made no fancy travel plans. I think I'm getting into the settle down stage of life. Though I did just email Tim and tell him we'd better do something for NYE 2014.

Friend Julia sent out an email that she was flying into town on NYE and didn't feel like doing anything but gathering friends at home and making food once she arrived. That sounded great to me, because other options involved driving to Orange County, and I just don't always feel like doing that.

We played some Apples to Apples. The cards you win are the ones that describe you, right?

Ball drop, Psy, Auld Lang Syne, and I was ready for bed. Hello, new year!

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