Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stuff that Happened in January

Geoff got married! To the lovely Danielle. Kirsten and I rode down to the OC together to celebrate the nuptials.  Geoff and I met online years ago, Kirsten and I know each other from DC, Kirsten and Geoff went to grad school together in Scotland, and Geoff has since moved to DC from CA and Kirsten and I ended up in CA from DC. Oh, and Kirsten works with Geoff's mom.  Got that?  I love all these funny connections.

Their getaway car.

Cute, huh?

Oh, and I first moved into a ward with Geoff's cousin, Julia. So many links!

This little girl cracked everyone up, carrying around her baguette and nibbling on it all night.

From weddings to birthdays! Masato had a birthday, and he wanted sushi.

Always stylish with his accessories.

After sushi, we headed up to the Observatory to see some city lights and eat some cupcakes and have some random Korean guy take a group photo of us, which turned out terrible. He emailed Masato the photos and they were so blurry and awful, even though he had a really nice camera, a tripod, and he used the flash.  Trust the Asian, everyone said! little iPhone shot was all we had.

I guess I went to Disneyland.

Oh, that was the night we had beignets inside Disneyland.

And then we had beignets outside Disneyland.

And then we went to Sonic and ate more fried food at midnight.  Blech.  Sorry, stomach.

I made up for it the next day with Mike, by having a salad.

But then we tried Churros Calientes, finally, and ate more fried stuff, so.....yeah..... But this place has real Spain-like churros (not Mexican cinnamon ones) so that was a plus. Even the dipping chocolate was perfect!

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