Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Only Two Months Behind...

It's May. What?!  The year is 1/3 over. So far it's going okay.  Just okay.

But let's jump back to March. Ari Hest was in town at Hotel Cafe, and it had been years since I'd seen him. He was part of my whole post-college music obsession where I'd travel around with people from the internet to see concerts, and I thought I'd see how the years have treated him.

Ari's voice is lovely, his music heartfelt, and I mean, look at the guy. Tall, dark, and muy handsome.

Since I'd conquered the Hollywood sign the week before, I led two friends up the way one Saturday afternoon. This time I made sure my camera didn't die before I got to the top.

See how I got the Observatory in there with downtown?  Yeah...

Marcello got tickets to see his favorite artist at Hollywood High School, the night before a sold out show at there Staples Center. Guess who got to be a plus one to Morrissey?  Yeah. It was pretty legendary. Seeing that he's about to retire, it may be my one and only Morrissey show.

The line to get in was around the full block, and since it's on a busy corner in Hollywood, there were a lot of cars driving by and asking what we were all waiting for. Answers ranged from 'food stamps!' to 'Britney Spears!' to 'Wu Tang!' One guy pulled over, yelled out the window, got angry when no one answered him, so he yells, 'oh, you're waiting for nothing, awesome' and he drove off in a huff.

Russell Brand came out to introduce Morrissey.  And then he stood in the VIP section near me, which was a handicapped seating area of this high school auditorium, filled with metal folding chairs and separated with yellow police tape.  He's so fascinating. Funny pirate.

And then the man himself. I looked away during Meat is Murder. But the whole experience was pretty incredible.

Jonathan and I had dinner at Georgetown Cupcake. Cause we're grownups and we can do that.

Oh, and then later Kimball invited me to be his plus one when Jimmy Kimmel shut down Hollywood Blvd for a concert with Sound City Players.  Dave Grohl, Rick Springfield, and Rick Nielsen showed up and it was 90 minutes of straight rock and roll.

It was pretty rockin.

Oh, and then Liz pulled me into the Troubadour later that week to see Boy, who I've come to adore. They were just lovely! I don't see her nearly enough, and we had a great evening. 

I love the internet. It brought me bacon wrapped chicken to dip in gorgozola creamyness from Bossa Nova.

Trevor and I went to this one night.  All night. I'm getting old cause it's really hard to do that.

David Eff had a birthday. And his birthday wish was to wrestle Dator. His birthday wish came true.

There were hashtags on the mat.  #datorbeast and #kingdavid

It was over all too quickly.

Boy stayed in LA and played a free show on Monday, so naturally I went to see them again .

I received a lovely present so I can recreate Milk Bar's awesomeness in my own home.  I even bought a Kitchenaid so I could really get serious about baking. Too bad I have yet to find corn powder (or make my own), grapeseed oil, and a few other obscure ingredients.  I've tackled one recipe so far. I'll get to candy bar pie one day, one day.

And finally, here's a pretty flower. I guess March was pretty fun.

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