Friday, May 31, 2013

Links I Like

Since I'm traveling and probably not blogging, here are some links I've liked lately.

  • Apparently I live in number one! Does this mean I should stay here?
  • Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to get to Mars? Well, now you can kind of know. 
  • I've read a few things from this guy recently, after he came back from a year away from the internet. How did he do it? Go find out. All his journal entries are there, or you can browse a general story
  • Kinda creepy
  • This is kinda creepy, too. I did this survey a few weeks ago to see how much online advertisers know about me and what information is relevant. I fell in line with the general results, that only about half of the info they have is correct. If you want to take it, you can install a little plug in, it'll read your browser cookies and throw some questions your way to see how much advertisers know. Or if that freaks you out, just read the results. And turn off your cookies. 

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