Thursday, September 05, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Study Abroad

Since I recently attended my college reunion, I've been digging up old photos and thought I'd share these gems. Salamana Dos Mil Dos Epic Party Crew - Salamanca, Spain - 2002

A trip to Italy, to hang out with Brian in Florence.

La Plaza Mayor in Salamanca - the best plaza in all of Spain

Easter weekend - trip to Puerto Banus, where we ran into Erin, who was studying in Ireland.

Semana Santa in Sevilla. No hotels to be had, so we slept in Amy's living room.

In the club. The Irish Rover.

Field trip to Galicia

In Grenada, one day trip to see the Alhambra.

In Prague.

Dr Pepper did not exist in Spain! Thankfully, I got a fix on a train in Eastern Europe.

Night trains - our Eastern European Extravaganza. We all got sick on that trip. Boox.

Cold in Krakow.

Back in Prague.

We all had a crush on Luis, who worked at the Irish Rover.

Budapest, I think?

Back in Seville.

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