Thursday, September 26, 2013

East Coast Part III - DC Pitstop

I left North Carolina on Wednesday afternoon, headed back to DC for a couple nights before the NYC leg of my trip. I crashed Abe and Kim's house for a night, and these sweet girls made me breakfast in bed. They're now living in Nepal, and I hope I can visit!

I did a drive by of my old place. Miss that house!

Dropped off the rental car and hopped the metro back to VA.

So I could pick up this cute one from school and take her home.

Thursday night I had another restaurant night, where friends could drop in. How to you plan a happy hour timed even with non drinkers and people who are bringing kids? Luckily there was a great wine bar with food and desserts and lots of space for kids. Worked out well!

Yuhi and Shane brought the twins! We plopped them into a chair with an iPad and they were happy as clams.

Georgetown Housing Homecoming King Summer 2000 - Mr Jan dropped by.

Yuhi, Rob and Shane.

Good crepes.

Aleksey and his wife stopped by, hadn't seen him in ages! It was pouring rain and they rode their bikes!


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