Tuesday, September 24, 2013

East Coast Part II - North Carolina

Greem, green Carolina!

I took off Sunday after the Post Hunt and a rental car fiasco (no cars, they asked me to sit and wait and had no idea how long it'd take, um...no thanks, I'll go back to my residence around the corner and wait for you to call).

Eventually I was in a car and off to see Matt and Kat and their sweet blond babe down South.

The second trip forgetfulness problem came up right away (first was that I left my makeup bag in California) when I realized I'd left my work computer charger in DC. Whoops! Luckily Matt and Kat know someone who works for IBM and he had a plethora of chargers laying around.  Saved the day that Monday!

Matt and Kat went off to work during the day, and I worked from their house with pretty Sam. And then we'd have a big ole party at night!

We started one night with loaded tots at Busy Bee Cafe. Delicious!

Then we popped next door for a burger from Chuck's. I'm pretty sure I had the Spirit Animal. Roasted peppers get me almost every time. And cream cheese!

This was also my first experience with Cheerwine.

Fries with lots of dipping sauces. I like options!

And a glorious shake to top it off.  I'm stuffed.

There's a giant acorn in a park.

One day for lunch I got to meet up with Hope and Andre. It'd been a few years! So great to see these two.

We dined at home one evening, and with a backyard like that, who wouldn't want to eat outside every night?!

The blond babe, who was up and out the door every morning before I was awake. And who went to sleep before I was done working. I manged a photo or two.

Oh, and we had some delicious pizza! Nice thick square slices.

All too short of a trip, before I knew it I was on my way back to DC. Thanks, Kat and Matt! We'll reunite again soon.

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