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Links I Like

Since I'm traveling and probably not blogging, here are some links I've liked lately.

Apparently I live in number one! Does this mean I should stay here?Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to get to Mars? Well, now you can kind of know. I've read a few things from this guy recently, after he came back from a year away from the internet. How did he do it? Go find out. All his journal entries are there, or you can browse a general story. Kinda creepy. This is kinda creepy, too. I did this survey a few weeks ago to see how much online advertisers know about me and what information is relevant. I fell in line with the general results, that only about half of the info they have is correct. If you want to take it, you can install a little plug in, it'll read your browser cookies and throw some questions your way to see how much advertisers know. Or if that freaks you out, just read the results. And turn off your cookies. 

Checking In

I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Work's been crazy busy, life's been kinda busy.

Honestly, it's been a hard couple weeks. And as I was reminded last weekend at the Huntington Beach Midsingles Conference, there is a time and season for all things, even a season of sadness. I've kinda felt like that's where I am lately.

My roommate will be gone a good portion of the summer, and a few other people that I spend a lot of time with won't be around either.  One of them I've grown especially close to over the last 6 months, but it's no longer a good idea to continue our relationship. We cried and said goodbye last weekend. It's been really difficult not to talk to him any longer, but it's for the best.

I feel like just running away for the rest of the summer, getting out of here.

But in all of this, with a lot of prayer, I've seen a lot of little blessings this week, and I know that God is looking out for me.

My favorite little grocery…

Musical Monday

This should be your summer melody.

Bibio - A tout a l'heure

More March Madness

Okay, back into March. I went to see Frightened Rabbit. I've enjoyed their music for a few years, and it was like hopping into a neighborhood pub and having a sing along. I also decided that I kinda like the view from the balcony at the Fonda.  It's easier than dealing with the masses below. I always end up behind the tall people.

I came home late night and found an expected visitor! He was pretty cute, so I didn't mind.

Kirsten left the sandy shores of Santa Monica to head back to DC and we had a little goodbye dinner at Umami. Cameron and I will miss her, especially since she was a big reason that Super Fun Weekend turned out so well. I'm glad I get to see her again in a couple weeks.  There's just something really nice about moving to a new place, yet having friends that you've known for a long time. It's funny that we both ended up in California around the same time.

I went on a walk through the hills with Christine, and fell in love with this house. …

Super Fun Weekend or The Thing That Took Over My Life

How could I have skipped over the biggest event in February and gone straight to March? The event that took over my life for a couple months?! I suppose I've blocked it all out by now.

A few months ago I was asked to head up a regional singles group at church with a trusty sidekick, Shaun. A  couple years ago a group put together a "Super Fun Weekend" that turned out really well.  Shaun and I were tasked with bringing it back this year.  We had a lot of people involved and we've got a great committee, but it was still a lot of work.

We started planning in November or December with the goal of making the weekend fun and affordable, with basically no budget. Whatever we charged people to attend is the money we had. I wish we'd had a financial modeling expert, but we ended up nearly perfect in the money realm. After a few arguments in December on venues and prices, we moved forward and got things going.

The week before, registration numbers were looking a little…