Monday, September 01, 2014

Christmas 2013 - Home Sweet Oklahoma

Let's finish up 2013, shall we? Get ready for lots of photos.

I like how Google+ makes these little things.

I landed in Ft Smith. There's a jewelry store called Newton's, and once long ago my little brother asked, "Dad, are newtons kinda like diamonds?"

Mom had the guest bedroom decked out in Christmas cheer.

Honey did a pre-wash.

I saw these dishes at a department store and wanted to buy them all. A few days later  of internet shopping, and I know have plates and bowls and cups. Stored up in a closet, of course, but I'm ready for Christmas 2014!

Did you watch this happen in real time? Cause I did. I stayed up late to see when Justine landed....

I went to the Poteau Branch Christmas party. And my mom put together the branch Christmas program by some miracle and I got to play the piano for all of  it.

We went to a white elephant Christmas party that was pretty good, and this is a gift we took.

I got dad some brisket for Christmas. I think we had it for our Christmas Eve dinner? It was beautiful and delicious.

I also brought home some beignet mix, since I love the ones at Disneyland. These tasted okay, but not nearly as good as the ones from the Jazz Kitchen.

Tanner cleaned up his gross beard.

Apparently that mesh ribbon stuff is the latest in Christmas tree decorating. I didn't really get it until I saw it.

Tanner and I stayed up waiting for Santa.

These's that puzzle I made us do.

Christmas morning, going 'round the room opening gifts.

We went out to the farm for a little walk.

Sniffing for persimmons.

Back to Christmas eats.

We did a drive around town one day to see the new library.

Then Tanner and I did a little driving tour, it's been awhile since I've seen some parts of my hometown. They have a cross fit gym now!
And a skate park.

The gym of of old middle school. My middle school has a funny name. It's #13 here.

The school store, where I'd eat lunch almost every day. It was 'off campus', across the street, and sold frito chili pies and pizza pockets. And candy!

The post office.

Bless Braum's. It's the best ice cream.

We Facetime'd with Taylor and Courtney and Hallie.

I found these gems of my brothers.

I drove up to Tulsa one day to see my best friend from high school, Minon, and her family.

These two were so excited about this Doggie Doo toy. I had no idea this was a thing.

Minon is holding baby #3 here, but she just had baby #4 the other day, and she and Randal are adopting two more from Haiti. I can't wait to see their family complete.

They found me a boyfriend.

Back in Poteau, Tanner and I hit up Walls. It is a special place. Never know what you're gonna find!

Pretty soon it was time to head back to LAX. This is the best waiting area of any airport I've been in.

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