Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Easter Weekend - Mom & Dad Visit

Mom and Dad were somewhere out West - maybe Vegas for a conference? or AZ for family stuff? - and came up to Utah for Easter weekend on their way home. I picked them up at the airport and Tay and Court came over to my place for a bit. Of course, it was all about the baby.

We went down to Temple Square to check out the flowers and grab some lunch.

As much as I love year-round warm weather, this whole season thing is kind of enjoyable.

On Sunday we had dinner at Taylor and Courtney's, and all her family came over to join in some Easter festivities.

As Wells family tradition dictates, money goes into eggs and the grownup kids get to hunt for that.

Our spoils.

Cher had come into town for Easter weekend, too, partially for the holiday and partially to come with me to see Chvrches who were in town that Tuesday. She'd given me her LA tickets to see them when work got in the way, so she wanted to see them now. Too bad the weather got crazy and she couldn't see well enough in the crazy wind. She stayed down in Utah Valley, and I grabbed Adam to go with me last minute.

They're loud, they're dancey, they're awesome.

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