Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Rest of May Adventures

I'd heard summer in Utah is wonderful, and I started to get a glimpse of that towards the end of May. I even went to the Patagonia outlet to get some outdoor gear (mostly just a backpack) to get into the outdoors. Who am I?

And then one day after work I decided to do a short little hike up Ensign Peak. It was pretty.

One night Amber and I tried to catch a film during the Mexican Film Festival at the Broadway, but the start time on the website was wrong, and we got there 45 minutes late. Boo. We had dinner at Copper Onion instead.

Then finally, 11 weeks after ordering, my beloved custom sofa was delivered! I've now had it for 6 months and I'm still just as in love. So are my friends - some have declared they'd like to marry it.

I wanted to stay home and sit on my couch that night, but I had tickets instead to see those girls from Haim rock out. And that they did.

A little Ruby Snap cookie action one night. Celisse had moved in with me temporarily around this time, and of course we had some SLC food exploring to do.

I'd heard good things about Kishi Bashi, and I'm glad I had tickets to see him. This was maybe my first show at Urban Lounge? I dig it. Fun night.

The next day Celisse and I went to see the last Ballet West performance of the season, and it was just amazing. I loved it so much, and I've got season tickets for this season.  Yeah, yeah, I watched their show and maybe wanted to see some of those people, but I really enjoy this art form.

With the purchase of my couch, I ended up with a gift certificate for a good chunk of change to Crate & Barrel. I treated myself to new things my house needed.

And Celisse got me a microwave and a toaster as a thank you gift for crashing my house. I love houseguests, especially nice ones like that.

I love my ward here - the bishop and his family are great - they leave me treats on my doorstep!

Celisse and I tried to find the Living Room hike one day and were unsuccessful. But this view wasn't so bad.

Wow. South America. About to happen.

Liz came into town for a friend's wedding and stayed at my house over Memorial Day weekend. I crashed the wedding reception and checked out the Tracy Aviary.

One more night hanging with the babe before I headed out of the country.

And the day I flew out, my long-awaited internet purchased rug arrived. Whew.

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