Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moving Into May

Back to SLC for a bit. I love We Are Scientists and I love that they came to SLC and played at the tiniest venue I've ever visited.

I got new glasses from Warby Parker - home try on - I hate selfies.
Since Kenley and Heather had introduced me to kombucha while in SC, I had to have more when I got home. It's a tad like drinking vinegar, and I love the taste.

Cousin Neal graduated from college, so we had a small family gathering and dessert at Aunt Sally's house.

Cousin power!

The winning pair.

Spring weather means boot camp at Liberty Park. I joined a studio and starting working out.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! My team isn't the best at celebrations, but we tried with a potluck. Half the team didn't make it into the office that day, but we had a decent show of food for a nacho bar.

I finally unpacked and used my little globes from Turkey. I like them.

Received my first Stitchfix box back then. They've got quite the long waiting list! I don't think anything in that first batch of picks quite worked for me, so I sent it back. The next box was better, and I kept two things, but then I read about how they jack their prices way up, so I've stopped ordering. Cool concept though - it's really fun.

Finally hopped onto the waffle craze that exists in Utah. This thing was pretty darn tasty, but kinda pricey.

I visited the babe.

Those rolls in her arms!

I got my hair done in Provo (per usual at Shep Salon) and my stylist was talking about prepping for a juice cleanse that week. It seemed everyone was trying a cleanse, and while I'd though about it, I hadn't actually look into it. Heather and Kenley did one after our SC trip, and after hearing Sydney at the salon talk about it, I decided to go over to Provo's newest juice bar and see what it's all about. I ended up buying a 3-day cleanse (not cheap!) and took all my juices  home.

It was interesting doing it for a few days, though I don't know that I feel the need to do it again. Three days seemed hard at the time, and now after having completed Whole30, three days seems like nothing.

More park time.

Taylor turned 30! I made him pick a place for dinner and I drove down to meet Tay and Court for sushi. I even bought a huge balloon and took it into the restaurant so everyone would know.

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