Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Fall in Utah - Part I

Let's catch up with the end of 2014. Back to October.

Hahaha...I thought 48 was cold! And a couple months later it was 50 degrees and I was throwing open the windows.

A beautiful sunset, captured one night at The Press.

The YW in my ward had one more campfire to remember this summer's Girls Camp. They invited their moms and we had some good camp treats and games.

Trevor was in town for General Conference. We went to scope venues for a dance party we wanted to throw. This was mostly a goth crowd, but had some disco in a room. Interesting night.

The Drums were in town and I enjoy them.

Trevor shaved. Trevor bled.

I was starting Whole30 and stocked up at Costco.

But one of my last meals before starting Whole30 - the best tacos in American, according to Briggie. Carol was in town and we met in Provo near the train station. 

Then a stop at the BYU Creamery, which I'd never visited previously. So many Mormons out for sugar.

Stevo and Masato were in town. We hung out at Velour.

Eyes Lips Eyes final show! So many LA people came up to see them.

It got crazy fun.

After Sunday session of conference, Nathan and I met Stevo at the cemetery in SLC where a lot of prophets and general authorities are buried.

I miss President Hinckley.

My absolute last meal before Whole30 started - Red Iguana with Carol.

I pounced on Hallie as soon as she woke up from a nap. 

She was just kickin' it later.

Another night at the Press with Meg and Adam and Dana.

Meghan and I spent a Sunday afternoon driving the Alpine Loop and seeing the fall colors. It was wonderful.

Into Whole30. Homemade ranch. Avocado. Sweet potatoes.

Haerts came to town with St Lucia.

St Lucia is always so good.

YW night in a corn maze!

Cousin Sarah got married and most of the Williams clan came in. It was great to spend some time with family that day.

In between the sealing and the reception, I popped into the Springville Museum of Art. I didn't have a lot of time, but it was nice.

Hallie got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Williams.

She still loves this purse.

We all met up at Taylor's house the next day and went out for some lunch.

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