Friday, April 17, 2015

Latest Obsession - Chocolate!

Meghan and I decided we had to meet up and do a chocolate tasting at Taste sometime in April before she was off on a grad school trip then her summer internship in Texas. We found a Friday that worked and made reservations.

The interior is just beautiful. All the details and displays and the floor come together so well. 

We arrived just before the stating time and grabbed a seat. We went for the romantic corner table, ha!

We'd be tasting 9 fine chocolates over the next couple hours. We each had a sheet to write notes, then rank from 1-5. We took our time with each piece, first rubbing it vigorously to melt a layer and release the aroma. We spent a good amount of time just smelling. As our chocolate guide said, if you don't have chocolate on the end of your nose at the end, you're doing it wrong. Then we placed the bit in our mouth and let it melt. Finally, a few chews.

At first it was a bit difficult to pick up some of the flavors, but I got better at the end. We tried chocolates from France, Italy, England, Hungary and other parts of the world. The owners of Taste are also setting up their own chocolate production and will be ready to distribute it soon.

We also tried some balsamic vinegars, licking them out of our snuff boxes. Didn't know you had a snuff box? I didn't either. We had some tasting vingars, too, including a yummy tomato and basil one. Then a couple fine olive oils that burned as we swallowed the shot of oil. Finally we finished it off with a bonus white chocolate mint. I don't love white chocolate nor mint, but it was pretty good. Nice way to cleanse the palate at the end.

We also got to tour the chocolate production, where they're testing and refining the process to make it perfect. Apparently it will be some of the best chocolate in the world. I can't wait to find out.

The bark was tasty!

I ended up bringing home a few bars. Great thing about living alone - I don't have to share. Three of these were my favorites from the tasting - the Chuao, the Guasare, and the Madagascar.

So far I've polished off this one.

And I'm in love with the packaging on the Rózsavölgyi. It's so beautiful!

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