Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nashville....the End of Crazy April Travels

Sunday morning I said goodbye again to LA and headed to Nashville. After so much traveling, I almost wanted to head home, and I was definitely thinking that I’m crazy for going for 36 hours to see a concert and grab a bite at a certain restaurant, right?

Eh, my life is awesome. Nashville is so great and was absolutely worth this quick trip. I arrived in the afternoon and SammiTerp picked me up. Hooray! She’s always up for a concert. We met just over 10 years ago via a message board online for one of our favorite bands, and we became friends. We’ve had lots of concert outings and roadtrips, and I’m glad we’re still friends.

We kept the afternoon low key with the cat and had a nap. Then it was back to Rolf and Daughters for dinner. You bet I was gonna eat there again. I still dream about the pork ragout sauce I ate last August, and I couldn't wait to devour it again. Sam lives only a couple blocks, so we had a nice walk over. Deliciousness ahead!

We tried the summer veggies with an almond milk ranch, then we both ordered the garganelli verde. Cause it’s that good. Yes, it was as good as I remember.

Quick stop for chocolates on the way home, then sweatpants and movie night after, for sure. We browsed our streaming options and settled on Sunshine, which is excellent. I hadn't seen it in a few years, and it was new to Sam, and it’s riveting.

We spent Monday working from the home office and hanging out with the cat. At one point I ventured out for cupcakes, and it was such a beautiful day! A bit of a shame that I couldn't take the day off and go play, but I had just been in Nashville and did so much.

Around 5pm we walked up the street to another new restaurant that was opening that night. 5th and Taylor has some of the top talent in the city, so we had to check it out. Really solid, I’d go back. I also kept wondering all night who was on candle duty. They melted so quickly!

We shared the sausage and cheddar biscuits,

chicken liver mousse with strawberry jam (which didn't appeal to me at first, but the waiter recommended), which was unexpectedly great,

a broccoli dish,

And the chicken and dumplings, which definitely had a twist to it. Smoked style chicken and an Asian-like noodle, with the classic peas and carrots. I was so full!

We decided to walk down to the Ryman, about a mile, so we could de-puff ourselves after dinner. We arrived right after doors opened and got into a huge line for merchandise. See, Hatch Show Print usually makes a custom, limited edition posted for each show at the Ryman, and man, I wanted one! We stood in line for 20ish minutes, then got word that posters were gone. I was bummed! Resigned to our seats, I was ready for a great show though.

I’d decided when I visited Nashville last year that I just had to return to see a show in this great venue, and since I didn't get to see Ryan on tour last year (and was worried I wouldn't), I had no hesitation booking this trip. My dreams were about to come true! The opener, Natalie Prass, was alright. Nice voice, I enjoyed her set.

But when Ryan came out, yes! He’s just sounding so good these days. Bonus – a vintage Dr Pepper machine on stage. Political Scientist was unexpected on the set list, and I couldn't help but notice things sounding a bit more country on state, especially when Jason Isbell came out and people went nuts.

No major blow ups from anyone, no heckling, and it was a great night. Especially when we all sang Come Pick Me Up together. So worth this trip! A quick walk home to Sam’s, some packing, then a few hours of sleep so I could fly back home and go right into work. I slept on the plane and was feeling pretty good the rest of the day, though I hope no one noticed I hadn't really brushed my hair.

Sam ended up calling Hatch Show Print the next day to inquire about posters, especially since there was a 2nd show the next night, and it turns out they didn't even make one for this show! Sometimes that happens, depending on the artist, so I don’t feel as bummed that I didn't get one, if it wasn't Hatch to begin with… Anyway.

Back to real life and sleeping in my own bed and cleaning up loads of clothes everywhere from packing and unpacking repeatedly, and hopefully updating this about the other places I've been recently. Month of crazy fun travel is over! How is it already May?!

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