Tuesday, May 05, 2015

When I was in Utah in April....

I did spend a few days at home in April, and here's what happened.

Spring was springing! Lovely tulips outside my building.

Then, this weather came in.

I bundled up for a walk to the store. It was kind of nice, actually.

Then on tax day (which I barely made the deadline. I used to always file in January and I've gotten so lazy) I woke up to this. It had snowed all night and kept snowing all day. I still drove into the office.

I'd actually just put my boots away a few days later. Too soon, too soon.

I ate more chocolate that I purchased from my chocolate tasting.

I went to the ballet on a Wednesday night. I loved Almost Tango, Square Dance was alright, and In the Middle looked something like this and was pretty cool. Still snowing when I left the theater, and I slipped down some stairs and got a bruise. Oh well. Then I went to pick up Meghan so we could travel plan with a couple friends. Our travel meeting was held in a friend's hot tub at his apartment complex (while is was still snowing), but we got in five minutes before it closed for the night. And those security guards were serious and made us leave. So disappointing!

The next morning after snow showers, spring came back.

My friends The Moth and the Flame came into town and did a show at Urban. They're on tour with Big Data.

The next night I saw Lord Huron. I love these guys. It was a great night.

I'm volunteering for Junior Achievement. I visited their city for a day program, which was so cool! I signed up for some classroom sessions and didn't realize how much homewhere I gotta do before I go see the kids!

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