Friday, May 01, 2015

Latest Obsession = Orange Theory

So I tried a new workout a few weeks ago that's apparently becoming the new trendy thing. 

Verdict - I am in love with it! After one workout at Orange Theory I figured it'd be definitely worth giving it a try for awhile, so I've signed up for a membership. I'm so excited on the days I get to go to class! 

I was getting a little bored with my other gym, and I needed more weights in my fitness routine to amp it up. This workout seems to have it all. Cardio on treadmills and rowing machines, and a good section on the weight floor. I don't really like running, especially on treadmills, but the first class I was on a treadmill for 25 minutes and didn't even notice!

Everyone wears a heart rate monitor and your stats are up on the screen. You can see your heart rate, calories burned, and how hard you're working. As you work harder and move your exertion into the 'orange zone' your box of stats changes color to let you know where you're working.

Class goes by so quickly. Between jumping between rowing and weights, then switching to treadmills, music going, trainers giving instructions, and watching your stats on screen, there's too much going on to get bored.

After class they email you your workout summary, and it's good to see the progress week on week. I think I'll be sticking with this one for awhile. It's pretty awesome. 

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