Thursday, September 17, 2015

August Adventures

August started off with little Hal's birthday.  Noah's Ark and animals and some rainbows. Courtney pulled together a really fun party with good food and lots of friend over.

We had some fun in the bounce house before everyone showed up.

Taco night at Jessica's with her puppies play fighting.

Taylor called me one Saturday and asked what I was doing. Hallie was asking about me, so we decided to meet up and go on an easy hike.

She wanted to be carried at first, but I coaxed her into hiking and learning about nature. She fell for it. And then she fell in the mud.

I was out with my girls from YW one night - we were helping to clean up some things from girls camp. The woman we were helping also has puppies that you can rent for a couple hours at a time. They were adorable. And wiggly.

The SLC Corporate Games were happening, and I signed up to represent my company for a couple events. First up was trivia.

I did really well and our team took home gold! The only gold medal of any of my company's teams for the whole month.

Mike came into town and stayed at my place. We tried brunch at the new Hub and Spoke, and I wasn't super impressed. It was fine.

Best of all, Mike brought me cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. The seasonal blueberry cheesecake one was SO good. Thanks, Mike!

Jonathan was in town that same weekend and also crashed at my house. We had an LA gathering of all who now live in SLC. I like these people.

We ventured out one weekend evening to Jessica's mom's place - there are hot springs that heat the pool. Sadly, after driving a long time, we arrived and heard that construction had damaged the hot springs connection and the pool wasn't very warm. We settled for a little tiny pool on the side, but it was crowded with kids. We didn't stay long. Boo.

I briefly had an eBay store to clean out my closet. Of course Nathan had a mannequin I could use, and of course, Jonathan needed to cuddle up with it.

Work perks - free tickets to a random concert at Red Butte with premium seating and VIP parking. It was Trampled by Turtles or something? Lots of people knew all their songs, but I was just there for the lovely weather.

Spent an evening here, and it was lovely.

Erin and her gang were in town from San Diego, so I met up with them at a nearby park. Taylor brought Hallie after work and we all hung out for a bit.

When I don't know what to eat, I make tostadas.

Finally I went to pub trivia! Finally. We didn't do that well, but it was fun.

I had KFC for lunch. I haven't eaten there in ages. Gross. But awesome.

Parents weekend! Mom flew in first and gave Hallie some birthday presents.

I took off later that night for another round of the Bluebird Cafe at Sundance with Meghan. I didn't think it'd be as good as the first night, but it was just as wonderful.

Always go for the bench seats.

Emily from the Indigo Girls.

Unlimited french toast for breakfast after a sleepover at Meg's. I don't think I got a refill.

We ventured out for dinner - good Mexican food.

Exploring Provo.

I'm excited to see the new Provo temple when it's done.

Dad came into town on Monday and we had some good family time.

One more Corporate Games event - mini golf. I was in a pairing with another colleague of mine and two guys from eBay. They were really good. We kinda got smoked. But it was fun!

And finally - the disaster of packing before heading off to the Balkans. Much, much more to come on that!

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