Sunday, September 20, 2015

Preview: The Balkans Tour

Happy birthday to me! I'm back from an epic road trip through the Balkans, and I'm excited to record all of my adventures and maybe help future travelers who are headed to this region. Lots of posts coming up, but some quick stats and highlights to begin:

  • 5 countries - Albania, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia. 
  • 16 days
  • 1,982 photos
  • 2 rental cars - an Opel and a Skoda
  • 4 currencies
  • 6 ATM withdrawal fees
  • 11 AirBnB bookings
  • 6 castles or fortresses hiked
  • 9 beaches and lakes
  • 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Here's a map of most of the places we visited and a pretty good idea of the route we took. We were on the move every day and while I would've loved to stay in a few places for multiple days, I'm also very happy that I saw as much as I did. I know I'll be back to this area.

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