Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summer, summer, summer time...

Continuing on with summer adventures....I love Utah summers. Dare I say I want to spend every summer in Utah?

Remember how I just want to be near a pool? I got free passes at work to Seven Peaks water park, so Lacey and I went one Saturday. It was ghetto, crowded, the water was freezing, and the weather was a little overcast. We found tolerable water in the lazy river, so we went around that about 20 times and came home. At least it was free.

More Sonic. Those half prize mozzarella sticks days...

I baked like crazy one Sunday afternoon. Homemade cake and buttercream frosting. Too bad I couldn't eat it all myself and most of it went in the trash :/

I had a work dinner one night with a ton of people who were in town. Frida Bistro gets the thumbs up from me.

Then I had to rush from dinner to my first Real game. Beautiful night for soccer, and free tickets through work. Pretty great.

Twilight Concert Series kick off in SLC. I've loved them in the past, but I'm kinda over the crowds. I went to Death Cab, but it was so crazy crowded. I've missed all the rest this summer.

This little niece of mine is the best. 

I'm realizing that most towns in Utah have their own festivals in the summer, and they're kind of a big deal. Celisse's friend has an aunt who lives in Draper near the park where they do fireworks for Draper Days, so we were invited over to their BBQ and for the fireworks show. They really are in the best spot. We lucked out.

The sunset was insane that night. And then we laid on the grass at the edge of the fence and watched fireworks, which were getting fired off from the field next to us. I've never been so close! The ground would shake and ash was flying into our face. Maybe a little too close.

I discovered these. I will never go back to regular.

I'm still obsessed with Orange Theory. Go try it!

New skirt. I dig it. I texted this photo to Meghan and she knew exactly where it was from. This is why we're friends.

Pie night with Lacey. We were treated to a rainbow before our cider.

A Friday afternoon hike to a lake with the guy who broke up with me. We caught a movie, then did this hike. I won't post our photo here, but there's plenty of pretty nature!

I wanted to take a nap in these flowers. But then I'd probably be itchy.

There was a Real game that night that we didn't have tickets to, but we decided to drive to the stadium and see what happened. We bought tickets from someone on the street, had great seats, and sat on the field for fireworks after the game.

Then next day Celisse and I had planned a Super Saturday, with all this stuff we'd been wanting to do in SLC. First up, OrangeTheory work out, then downtown Farmer's Market. I was starving and found the Biscuit Barn for some breakfast.

And a gigantic lemonade. Those guys must be making a killing.

We bought some popcorn and sadly, Celisse's spilled in the back of the car. We still ate it - no shame.

Then it was off to Ulta for an eyebrow wax. Then to the SLC temple, which was so crowded. We still got some temple time in though. Then we drove to Park City to hit the outlet mall, cause we love shopping.

Finally, we drove down to Heber and met a group for Becca H's birthday - she'd gotten tickets for the gang to see the demolition derby. It was amazing. I love small town America and things like this. The powder puff round with three female drivers was by far the best - they were after each other!

We'd not had enough treats that day, so of course we had to get funnel cake. I added some raspberry butter to mine. It was a great choice.

Oh - so back to things being in a funk and me not being on my game - after that long exhausting day, my smoke alarm started beeping at 4am. That annoying chirp when the battery needs to be changed. Of course I didn't have any 9-volt batteries around, nor did I want to go to the store at 4am, so I tried to sleep through it. I was angry and miserable. I went to church then stopped by the store for batteries after.

Change the battery - still chirping. So loud. I tried to disconnect from the ceiling. Nothing was making it stop. I called my landlord, my dad - no one seemed to know what to do other than call an electrician on Monday.

I couldn't sleep at home because it was so annoying, so I packed up and went to my brother's for the night.

Hallie was waiting for me and my purse to arrive.

I came home Monday and called an electrician who could come that day to check. Except when he got into my place, he realized it wasn't the smoke alarm chirping, it was something else. Yeah, my carbon monoxide detector that's plugged into a wall under a table, where I can't see it. The chirp was loud and echoing in my hallway, and I couldn't tell. I felt like a big idiot, but the guy said it wasn't a big deal and he went on his merry way. Ugh. All I'd needed to do was unplug it from the wall. So much stress for nothing.

Celisse and I hit up Granary Row one night for food trucks. Long line as always for waffles, but it moved fast.

More sugar at 7 Eleven. I hadn't tried the South Patch Watermelon Slurpee yet! Then we went to my  house and watched a movie that was pretty dumb. Save yourself from the latest Kevin Costner.

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