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There's No Place Like Home....

I spent the first weekend of May back in Oklahoma, celebrating Tanner's graduation from OSU. It was the first time that both brothers and I were back home at the same time in maybe a decade? It was Courtney's second trip to OK and Hallie's first. It was a great weekend.

Taylor, Courtney and I had the same flight into Tulsa. I'm glad there's a non-stop flight. Hallie was ready to go....

We were stuck in the last row of the plane where I became 'bathroom captain' and Hallie was pretty entertainable.

Uncle Tanner picked us up on the way from Stillwater, and off to Poteau we went. It was a two hour drive or so, and Courtney asked if anything was around, cause she didn't see much of anything during the drive. Welcome to Oklahoma!

We had parents and a Mexican food feast awaiting at home. Tons of queso and fresh salsa, red chili meat for burritos and more.

Pre-bedtime stories with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks to her good momma, Hallie knows who her grandparen…

Musical Monday - The Moth & the Flame

So these guys had a bit of a stir over Mother's Day weekend.

Here's the real video. It's rad.

April's Third Trip - Back to LA

Right after Palo Alto, I was off to Los Angeles again. I'd purchased concert tickets months earlier, and then April ended up being a crazy month of travel. I wasn't about to cancel this trip though.

I landed at LAX right in the middle of rush hour, per my usual flight, and stayed on the Westside. I went to the Hammer Museum to kill some time.

This design studio exhibit was so cool.

Trevor soon met me there and we played in these chairs. This gif is so amusing to me.

We ran into Cubbie there, who I was so glad to see. Then off to dinner at 800 Degrees, of course.

That first night was one of the major reasons I came this particular weekend - I wanted to see Clark.

It was loud and interesting and not quite what I expected, but I'm glad I went. I was so tired though - even one hour time change is tough. We didn't stay to see all of Nosaj Thing's set, but I got a taste.

The next day I popped over to Mike's office building, where he had space for me to work. Fun day…