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Musical Monday - Adele


can't get over how amazing everything about this is. knocked me over. still on repeat since friday, still haven't recovered from being blown away. welcome back, indeed, ms adele.

Down to Dubrovnik

There's a reason people flock to Dubrovnik, and while it's crowded with tourists, it's also a bit magical. I'm glad we stopped here, and I wish we'd had more time. Ideally 2-3 days here, with a few more days to ferry out to islands. Croatia is lovely indeed.

After our debacle returning our rental car at a hotel (we couldn't drive it into Montenegro/Albania - more on that later), we took a cab to our place for the night to get settled. Of course the cab drive couldn't quite find it, as it was tucked away on an old back alley, through a staircase. But he dropped us off close enough.

The old city is where most of the action is, but it's harder to find accommodation around there, so we stayed in a neighborhood that's about a ten minute bus ride away. Easy to hop a bus into old town, so that's what we did after we dropped off our suitcases.

First sight - a group of nuns having a grand ole time.

And then, through the gates and into the old city. I&…

Sarajevo! And Getting Lost on the Side of a Mountain....

I have more photos of Sarajevo than any other place on this trip. It is a beautiful and complicated place, and I only scratched the surface of understanding in my few days there. Bosnia and Herzegovina has stuck with me as I've been home.

I was young when the war started, and while I remember bits and pieces, I couldn't quite understand who was who and why people were fighting each other. Now that I've been there, things click in my head a bit more. I've heard a couple sides of the story, and it doesn't all make sense, but I'm so curious how the oppressors managed to carry out such destruction of Sarajevo and the rest of the country. Until I can return, my Netflix queue and library stack are full of books about this region.

We had a couple hours drive from Mostar, and we were aiming to arrive in time for a tour that we'd booked at 11am. I'd been in touch with our Airbnb host, Samir, and had good directions to his place. Unfortunately as we got onto the …